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"From Drab to Fab: Transforming Our Beachy Haven with Vibrant Art"

When Adrian and I finally acquired our dream beach condo in Vallarta, we were bursting with excitement. However, as we stepped into our new abode, the initial enthusiasm was met with a stark reality – the existing wall colors were drab and uninspiring. Some were even dark and far from evoking the ambiance of a lovely beach condo. Something had to change, and we were on a mission to infuse our home with the vibrant spirit of the coast.

With a couple of friends visiting, we seized the opportunity and enlisted the help of our talented friend Jacquie, who has an uncanny eye for color. Off we trotted to Home Depot, armed with dreams of light, bright, and coastal-themed hues that would breathe life into our living spaces.

After an exciting color-picking spree, we couldn't wait to get started on our painting project. Our friends, Brian and Jacquie, displayed the true spirit of friendship by selflessly dedicating a day of their Vallarta vacation to help us transform our new home into a beachy haven.

As the walls began to don their fresh, coastal attire, we quickly realized that the existing art pieces that came with the condo were a far cry from our vision and, to be honest, not to my taste at all. We did our best with what we had at the time, but it was evident that a new art adventure was on the horizon.

The quest for new wall pieces began, taking us on a delightful journey through local markets, online shops, and even the vibrant streets of Vallarta itself. We stumbled upon intriguing metal artworks, discovered decent paintings on Amazon, and picked up a charming hummingbird painting from a talented street artist on the Malecon. Additionally, a couple of beachy-themed "paint and sip" creations I brought from home found their place on our walls. Our dear friends, including Amee, Jacquie, my mom, and Cheri, also played a role in curating some of the art that now adorns our condo. It's been a gradual process, but the puzzle pieces are finally coming together. Some original pieces that came with the condo still linger on the walls, but the most jarring ones have been lovingly replaced.

Patience is the name of the game as we continue to hunt for the perfect art pieces to complete our beachy haven. However, the newest gem in our collection has us beaming with pride – a one-of-a-kind masterpiece painted by none other than my talented friend from Washington, Jessica Frost. When I approached Jessica with the idea of commissioning a piece for our condo, she eagerly accepted the challenge and created a stunning work of art that will soon grace our walls.

beautiful art work
Original Art

Our journey from drab to fab has been nothing short of an adventure, and it's a testament to the power of art to transform spaces and reflect our unique tastes and personalities. As we continue to add the finishing touches, our beachy haven is evolving into a place where every wall tells a story, and where color and creativity reign supreme.

To learn more about Jessica Frost, you can explore her biography by clicking here or stay updated with her work on Instagram by following her here.


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