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"Seaside Serenity: Our Journey to Embrace Puerto Vallarta as Home"

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Under the embrace of the Mexican sun, our unique love story unfurls—a tapestry woven with dreams, love, and the irresistible pull of Puerto Vallarta. This journey commenced long before my first encounter with its golden sands. Back in 1993, Adrian, hailing from Washington not ready to take on the family business, found himself entranced by the twin beaches of Playa Gemelas. Days were spent bar tending at Girasol Sur Condominiums, nights were spent out with friends, little knowing the pivotal role this coastal haven would play in our shared narrative.

Adrian's path wandered, guiding him from Vallarta's idyllic shores back to the arms of the Pacific Northwest. As the years ticked by, he embarked on a journey of growth and worked at the family insurance agency. Taking on more responsibility in the business and eventually running it. This chapter in his life laid the groundwork for the tale that awaited us.

Our paths converged in 2003, igniting a love story that would shape our destiny. The subsequent year witnessed our vows, sealing our commitment to each other, our son and the life we were building. By 2005, as a united couple, we embarked on a journey to uncover the captivating beauty of Vallarta together.

From the moment I stepped onto the sands of Vallarta, an immediate connection enveloped me—a sense of belonging that resonated deep within. The city's vibrant energy and serene landscapes etched themselves onto my heart, claiming their place for all time.

As time flowed on, the desire to possess a slice of this paradise rooted itself within us. A promise was made, a mutual commitment to one day explore real estate options, with the hope to purchase just after our son's high school graduation. While the dream may have appeared distant, Adrian's steadfast vision illuminated the path before us. Even as I voiced my reservations, Adrian possessed a grander blueprint, a plan that began to take form—a plan that would eventually shape our Vallarta dream into tangible reality.

With some support from his parents, Adrian and I embarked on the journey of property acquisition, even though I initially hesitated to embrace the role of a landlord. (Unlike Adrian, I lacked the foresight that he possessed.) Little did I know, both he and the divine plan had a greater design in mind—a grander tapestry that would unfold. Through the acquisition of rental properties, we were unknowingly being prepared for what awaited us in Vallarta.

Our vision for the perfect property was clear—a haven with three bedrooms, spacious bathrooms, an unobstructed ocean view, and a location that promised tranquility away from bustling tourist areas. Amid the global pandemic of 2020, our plans were disrupted, and our travels came to a standstill. Nonetheless, Adrian's determination remained unwavering. Amid the quiet of that year's summer, he stumbled upon a listing that exceeded even our loftiest expectations.

This property was not merely a structure; it was a convergence of time and fate. Nestled a mere two doors away from Girasol Sur Condominiums, it bore a profound connection to Adrian's past. The alignment felt serendipitous, as though God himself conspired to make our dream a reality.

The zenith of our journey arrived during a visit to Vallarta. Guided by an empathetic real estate agent, we explored the property that felt like a tailor-made dream. As we shared our story, he recognized the significance and prioritized our aspirations over other appointments. An offer was extended, and in that moment, our ethereal dream began to materialize.

In February 2021, we crossed the threshold into our sanctuary. With the unwavering support of dear friends, the space transformed into an extension of ourselves. Every brushstroke of paint, every carefully chosen piece, echoed our shared vision. Our journey wasn't solely about acquiring property; it was an embodiment of tranquility, a haven for our spirits. We named our home "Casa Tranquila"

Questions arose about our decision to commit to Vallarta without further exploration, yet our answer remained steadfast—Vallarta was our compass, the true north of our hearts. Amidst the world's allure, this city held the essence of home. Having traveled to various corners of the globe beyond Mexico, we found ourselves drawn back to Vallarta's shores, where our connection remained unmatched. As we draw nearer to realizing our dream of permanent residency, each return feels like a step towards where we truly belong. Looking ahead, our hearts brim with anticipation, for once we are happily settled in Vallarta, we plan to expand our horizons further, traveling not only within Mexico but also across borders, exploring the world from our cherished haven.

Our dream home stands as a testament to divine timing, the intricate threads woven by destiny itself. When we found our condo and embarked on this journey, everything fell into place more beautifully than any plan we could've crafted. As homeowners, we open our doors not just to a property, but to our story—a story that continues to unfold with each passing day. We extend an invitation to fellow travelers to experience Vallarta's magic, find their own serenity, and create cherished memories—one stay at a time. #TravelDreams #VallartaMagic #DestinyFound #PuertoVallarta

view for our terrace at Casa Tranquila
Sun set view from casa tranquila


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