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Transportation to and from the airport

As you are exiting the Puerto Vallarta airport you will go through a room filled with people trying to stop you and sell you a timeshare, taxi ride and a rental car.  I call this "THE GAUNTLET"!  Keep your eyes down and don't engage.  They can be extremely aggressive and have no problems lying to you just to get you to stop and talk to them.  If you are renting a car this is not where you stop to get your car, continue through the doors as you are exiting "the gauntlet" there you will find seprate booths with the rental car companies names on them.  If you are looking to take a taxi you can continue out of the airport and there you will find plenty of taxi drivers offering rides.  These taxi drivers will most likely charge too much and will try and talk you into a timeshare presentation as well.   I prefer to use the sky bridge to get out of the airport, on the other side of the bridge you will find less expensive taxis, city buses and you can also use UBER from here.  (UBER drivers are not allowed at the airport)  

Adrian and I have a good friend that has agreed to help out with transportation from the airport.  His fee varies depending on the size of vehicle he would need.  If this is something you are interested in just let us know and we will arrange your pick-up! 

Quality Transfers PV is another great option. You will need to pre-book with them before your arrival.  They will pick you up at the airport and greet you with cold water.  For a little extra money they will take you to a grocery store of your choice and give you an hour to shop before taking you to your destination.  You are also able to schedule your pick-up back to the airport at the time of your booking.  This helps make your trip to and from the airport easy breezy and it is one less thing you need to worry about when you get to PV.  Now all you need to do is pack your bag, write your grocery list and get ready to relax! (don't forget your re-usable grocery bags)

airport map
PV trans map

Public Transportation 

Getting around Puerto Vallarta is pretty easy to manage without a car.  Uber and taxis' are commonly used but can get pricy as the vacation goes on.  The public transit is simple, safe and cheap.  

From Casa Tranquila to town:

Walk north a block or so to Girasol Sur Condominiums, the bus stop to town is across the street.  It is the white bus and it will say Mismaloya and/or Boca de Tomatlan.  The cost is 10 pesos per person.  This bus will take you all the way into Old Town/Romantic Zone, dropping you off at the last stop in town at an OXXO.  If you want to get off sooner you must stand up and push the red button located on the handles at the front, center or back of the bus to let the bus driver know you are wanting to get off.  To avoid crowds I would not catch the bus between 4:30-7:00pm. 

bus stop

Car Rental

In years past we have always used Mex Car/Fox Rental Car and have always felt like we were treated great.  Poncho is our contact there and would recommend speaking with him and letting him know that Adrian and Sara sent you.

mex car
mex car logo
bus stop

2010 Honda Odyssey

We recently bought a minivan for Casa Tranquila Puerto Vallarta!  It is available to rent for $70.00 per day with a 15% discount if you rent it for a week or more.  No additional charges unless YOU cause damage, if that happens we will charge a 10% deductible.  Here is a copy of the contract to look over. Email or text me for any additional information. 

******Currently unavailable for rent, waiting on a part******

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