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Casa Tranquila PV 
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Extra information:

  • The Drinking Water. The tap water in Vallarta is safe to drink. Jalisco has one of the best filtration systems in Mexico. On top of that, Las Penas also filters their water so it is completely safe to drink from the sinks. But...if you are like me you may still want bottled water, you can buy a 5 gallon jug from the kitchen/snack restaurant down stair and one of the wait staff will gladly bring it up to the room. The cost is between 55-65 pesos.


  • The downstairs kitchen/restaurant. There is a small kitchen/restaurant located in the common area by the pool that is open from 9:00am - 5:00pm. If you order any food from here they will ask you your room number and they will keep track of your bill. The day before you are set to depart you can go to the front desk and ask administration for your final bill. They only accept pesos, no USD or credit cards. I recommend giving gratuity to the wait staff at the time of the service to ensure they get the tip.


  • The Building. Las Penas is not a hotel. Although we do rent out our condo and some other owners do as well, not everyone does rent their home and we ask you to treat Casa Tranquila and Las Penas like your home. We owners take great pride in our building, our condo and this little slice of perfection and we want you to keep enjoying it as much as we do.


  • Air-conditioning. Each room has its own A/C split and once turned on only takes a few moments to cool off the space. Please be courteous and help us conserve energy and only turn on the A/C units when in the room and please keep doors and windows closed when in use. Electricity is very expensive in Mexico and we greatly appreciate your help keeping our energy costs down so we are able to continue renting Casa Tranquila without increasing rates or adding additional costs.

  • Daily maid service and cleaning. Casa Tranquila provides a daily house cleaner during your stay at no additional charges.  She is not responsible for guests' dishes or personal laundry.  Her duties include but not limited to: sweeping, mopping, removing trash, bathrooms, bed making, weekly sheet changes and washing towels and linens.  Gratuity is not required but is greatly appreciated.  Average tip is $25-35$ pesos per person per day or $50-$70 pesos per room occupied. 


  • Physical activity. If you are looking to get some daily exercise, there are a couple stationary bikes in the common area outside the men's rest room. And since walking is not much of an option on the main road I walk to the Sierra Del Mar neighborhood and get a bit of a cardio workout there. It is north past Girasol Sur Condominiums across from Condominiums Playas Gemelas on the right side of the road. This is a gated community that is mostly up hill and is a great place to walk or run. Just let the security guard know you are staying at Las Penas and you are here for a walk and he will let you right through.

  • ATM's

    • Here is quick youtube video on ATM usage in Vallarta.

  • Step by step instruction would be for ATM's

    • Enter card

    • Enter pin

    • (even if the ATM is in English the amounts are in pesos you you want to be sure to pick the right amount. (I have screwed this up before wanting to withdrawal $500.00USD and selected $500.00 pesos by mistake which is only $25.00USD and had to do it again and ended up paying 2 fees instead of 1)

    • sometimes the ATM asks if you want to donate to a cause, decline that.

    • then it will ask if you are okay with the bank fee, normally $45.00 pesos +/- ($2.50USD) you will accept that charge

    • the last question is about the conversion rate. You bank will always have the best rate so you will want to decline this.

    • then your money will come out.

  • No matter the ATM you choose to go to, I always recommend one that is attached to a bank. There is one on the main drag of down town on Basilio Badillo called Banregio, there is a ATM vestibule and a bank.

  • Liquor stores and Tequila shops.  If you need to stock up on booze and don't want to go all the way to Costco or Walmart you can take the bus to old town and you will find a few options.

    • Vino's America on Basilio Badillo, not even a ½ a block west from the OXXO

    • La Playa! They are everywhere and for years I thought they were a beach/pool shop. Turns out they are a liquor store.

    • Tequilera El Charro on Olas Altas 351

    • Tequilera Arrecife also on Olas Altas, just a couple blocks away at 411

    • Agave Liquors in the Romantic Zone on Lázaro Cárdenas 233

    • Uncorked Mexico, this is a local business that you can order your wine and spirirts and they will bring them to your door!

  • Grocery Stores

    • Besides Walmart, Costco, La Comar and Soriana, which are all quite a bit north of down town there are a few smaller ones within walking distance from the bus stop at Basilio Badillo.

    • Old Town Market, which is 2 blocks north on Constitution (towards the bus stop I mentioned above) Once you get to Lazaro Cardenas the market will be across the street on on the right.

    • Casa Gourmet Puerto Vallarta, a great market for those specialty things. Located on Constitución 206 and 208, Col. Emiliano Zapata

    • Mercado Ollin is also on the same street but towards the water. You would take a left on Lazaro Cardenas and about a block and a half or so it will be on the right hand side of the street next to a real estate office called PVRPV. (This happens to be very close to one of my favorite spots to get AL Pastor Tacos! Tacos Sonorita Olas Altas.)

    • Grocery Delivery Services. There are a few great delivery services if you don't want to go shopping. Pig Out Grocerie , Vallarta Go, Conciegre Vallarta are a few and one that will be an option very soon is Mex on Demand, they are just about to launch, and I think Walmart does grocery delivery.

  • Farmers Markets

    •  Olas Altas Market,         there is a seasonal farmers market on Saturday mornings between October and May, walkable once you get off the bus at the OXXO on Basilio Badillo. You will stay on Basilio Badillo walking west towards the water until you get to Pino Sauarez (just before Olas Altas), you will take a right and 1 block down you will walk right to the market. This market has a lot of amazing foods to eat, really great baked goods, (I always buy banana bread here), live music and a lot of hand made items.  

    •  Art & Market Marina Vallarta,        another seasonal market beginning in October on Thursday evenings from 6:00pm until 10:00pm and located at Calle popa S/N Marina Vallarta. Live music, food and shopping! This market is a ways away and not really walkable, you will need to take another bus or taxi.

    • Mercado Municipal Rio Cuale Market.       This market is open all year and is mainly for souvenir shoppers. A common market for tourists to explore, it is very large and has a lot to offer. Located on Agustín Rodríguez s/n in El Centro, you can't miss it, it is huge! It is open daily from 9:00am to 7:00pm but don't be surprised if some shops are closed mid afternoon, occasionally some shop owners will take a siesta.

    • Saturday Market on P.º de Las Palmas LB, Santa María. This market has fresh produce, meats and seafood as well as clothing, jewelry and many hand made items. This market opens at 6:00am on Saturdays.

    • Farmer’s Market Emiliano Zapata       is located on Mercado Emiliano Zapata and is a Vibrant, traditional market with fresh produce, meat & fish, street-food stands & household goods.

    •  Los Mercados        more of a plaza than a market but has shops and resturants to check out.

    •  Farmer’s Market Emiliano Zapata, this market open daily until 3:00pm. Fresh produce, meats and fish, along with housewares and street food stands. Located on Mercado Emiliano Zapata local 31

    • Cuale Island Flea Market, another tourist market that open all year from 9:00am to 9:00pm. Offers a large selection of souvenirs and other items. Easily walkable from the OXXO bus stop in old town, located on Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata.

    • Mercado Flea Market        located in El Centro close to the Malecon, this small market has a plethera of souvenirs and tasty treats to experience

    • Sunday Market is a huge Tiangius with lots of vendors, products, fruit, vegetables, pottery, toiletries and everything under the sun.  Located north of town past the airport.

    • TierraLuna Gardens        is located at Garza Blanca on the south shore.  TierraLuna Gardens offers a  Farmers Market and Art Walk featuring the work of local artists held on Fridays from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm.  This place is more than a Friday night market.  This magical space is the only botanical-inspired shopping villa like it in the world. Come to discover TierraLuna’s nine specialty boutiques featuring sustainable fashion garments, local designer jewelry, homemade body care, artisan crafts, ceramics, gifts, a deli and coffee shop, and the jewel of the crown: a whimsical family carousel surrounded by as far as the eye can see trails of flora.  ​​

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